Pros and Cons of Short Term vs. Long Term Cash Advance Loan

Published: 19th December 2010
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A loan is a debt or any money borrowed from a lender, be it from a single person or a corporation. All loans have loan interests added and payable along with the principal amount. Payment of loans can be installments, partial payments, or in annuity. All loan transactions are documented in contracts and loan covenants with complete, full statements of its restrictions.

There are different kinds of loans: secured and unsecured, personal and commercial, single and corporation, and short term and long term. The most common loan is the bank loan, next is the cash advance loan. Bank loans are money borrowed from your own bank with collaterals. Cash advance loans, on the other hand are loans that are less tedious when it comes to paper works are readily available online.

Cash advance loans applied online can also be long term or short term. Cash advances offer quick money to urgent financial crisis, in a hassle free application processing. It requires a very minimal paperwork and no credit card check is needed, so even people with bad credits could avail a cash advance loan. It is a one-time payment so you can pa the amount even on your next payday. Short term cash advance loans can be approved immediately and the money can be released on the very next day.

However, a short term cash advance loan has higher interest rates than traditional loans. A person who would like to avail for this kind of loan should be good at budgeting finances otherwise it could be difficult to pay the loan in the midst of the so many financial obligations that may arise along the way. A responsible borrower, however big the amount is, knows what is payable and what is not.

Long term cash advance loans are used in situations where a larger amount of money for a bigger project is on mind. With long term cash advance loan, a higher amount of loan money is allowed. It has also a lower interest rate compared to that of the short term cash advance.

Whether it is to your advantage or not, long term loans have longer monthly payment schedules. In this kind of loans, credit card credits will be checked and money is not readily available. In a long term cash advance loan, a load of paperwork is necessary before the money could be released.

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